Gerry Aab
Bsc Engineering, MBA
Gerry is the Founder behind the HubTropolis vision of sustainable abundance. He has developed engineering designs and mobility capabilities that redefine the envelope of possibilities for the city of the future, today. He has synthesised years of research into clear models of resources, energy and time for which the viability of the resulting engineering structures has been confirmed. The efficiency and abundance of HubTropolis has never compromised our responsibility for sustainability and minimising our impact on nature.
Wayne Morris
Chief Executive Officer
Wayne is leading our journey to a space where Humanity can thrive, with superior well-being, supported by economic and political systems that work for citizens, not against them. Wayne advises African governments on production, energy and agricultural systems. Wayne is a Board member and advisor to a number of companies within the African region, owning GSEC security services. More importantly, Wayne helped guide the fate of South Africa working alongside icons like Nelson Mandela during the transition from Apartheid to a Constitutional Democracy.
Mark Moores
Chief Financial Officer
Mark is leading our journey to triple entry accounting and asset-backed self-sovereign currency. As a Chartered Accountant and CFO Mark is experienced in working successfully to establish startup organisations into viable and stable businesses. Mark currently sits on the board of Carbon Reduction Initiative Limited and acts as a Board level advisor to several companies in the Ed Tech, sustainability and FMCG industries across the world. He consults with companies raising early stage venture capital, particularly with innovative, technologically complex products.
Diana Bernal
Chief Reality Architect
BA - Marketing
Diana leads our journey from vision through simulation to reality with positive environmental and social impact via the Hive. Diana started her career in the corporate sector working for GuoXin Tendering, one of the most prominent tendering and procurement agencies in China. She worked as GuoXin's International Business Development Manager before moving into the startup ecosystem where she gained deep insight on product and experience design as an entrepreneur in the education space in Asia, EU, and the Americas.  
Felix Marius
Chief Information Officer
HubTropolis’s focus is building a sustainably abundant city on Earth but we recognise the synergies between earth and space because humankind’s future lies among the stars if we are not to be subject to existential risk. Felix is currently studying for his Meister degree in business in Austria. He aims to go to Mars and is ensuring his capabilities as an astronaut by training as a jet aircraft pilot. He has industry experience in event management, startups, education, and information technology.
Walter Di Mantova
Chief Abundance Maker
Walter's entire work life has been about “making”: making people safer and healthier, making jobs possible, and making a difference in efforts to disrupt poverty. His journey has included building meaningful collective efforts between educators, employers, non-profits, and government that have attracted resources to move from ideas to realities. As an Anthropologist of the Future, his Anticipatory Projects have shaped education and knowledge strategies for universities, Fortune 100 companies, and R&D Centers on three continents. He’s also a father, husband, and according to his wife a really great cook.
Michael Veegh
   Lead of First Principles Engineering
BSc Eng, MBA – finance
Michael is relishing the opportunity to reinvent what it means to construct a HubTropolis from first principles. He is a Professional Engineer registered on the Board of Professional Engineers in 3 states of the USA and currently sits on the Board and is Principal Engineer of Construction Technologies & Engineering Inc. He has been instrumental in the design and implementation of large heavy engineering projects for regional governments and authorities throughout the Americas including bridges, stadiums and offshore gravity-based structures.
Paul Bellamy
Business Development & Project co-ordination
BBus x2, DipEng, MBA
Paul sits on the Board of the global Pacific West Group, a diversified information technology business that focusses on business consulting, ideas incubators and hi-tech industry support and development. He Chairs the Board of ACME SpaceTek, a hi-tech R&D incubator focused on hostile environment habitat support including space. He has a third Board position at the VRM Group, a bio-tech group devoted to remediation of problems in agricultural growing media, programs for the return of sufficient nutrient rich topsoil, full cycle bio-nutrient organic waste usage methodologies
Martin Stäubli
Legal & Compliance
Dip Swiss Certified Accountant
Martin is reimagining what a Company can be, within the existing legal framework of Switzerland, but entirely outside the legacy of business as usual. Shareholders of HubTropolis will also be Spaceholders and so goals will be more aligned between the best interests of the City and the Business. Martin sits on the Board of AbaFin Treuhand AG a business creation, consulting and auditing firm based in Zug Switzerland which he founded after a career as a director at global accounting giant EY and other Swiss accounting firms.
Vikas Tomar
Animation & Visual Effects Lead
BE, MBA Vancouver Film School
Vikas has been instrumental in the defining of industry standards and business development for the immersive infotainment industry. His work with Apple Inc and Pixel has lead to extensive business development for the digital media marketplace throughout Asia and North America. Vikas consults for many emerging businesses and startups within the hi-tech industry and is currently the CIO for Pixel Galaxy Studio in Delhi, India.
Linda Quesha
Business Development & Project co-ordination
BA – Marketing
Linda is the mothership of HubTropolis, providing a friendly smile and a listening ear on the rare occasions creative differences arise. Working in the Virgin Active Group Linda is an expert user experience and customer engagement. She controls the day to day accounting, finances and cash control of the South African HubTropolis subsidiary. With a wealth of business experience she also helps troubleshooting problems from delayed inventory to last minute event crises.
Aryan Tomar
Graphics & UX Lead
IBM certifications
As we step from ideation to simulation Aryan will be leading our journey of gathering XR pioneers to bring life the first example solutions we show the world. Aryan is an experienced developer working in event driven environments designing and creating digital media for presentation. He was named a "ChangeMaker" within the UN initiative Youth Action Hub, has won accolades for his work with digital and film media at events, written several books and is Co-founder of TOMARS.
Ingmar Melchert
Dip Ind Desig
Ingmar helps us to re-envision the world we see now through great design-iterations to a world that is extraordinary in form and shape but practical and achievable. As the Founder of PICMAR neue medien Ingmar has vast experience in design and implementation of digital and graphical mediums. He has previously served Assistant Professor at the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt, Germany and is the Founder of the PICMAR design institute who develop young individuals to take key roles in the media and design industry.
Al Karaki
Partnership Wrangler
Associate, Psychology - Kwantlen Polytechnic Universit
Al has deep connections into the international development community and the UN through his tireless championing of Africa. He served as the CIO of the South African government but has also been involved with the startup and success of many initiatives and companies focused on sustainable technological development. His primary focus is defining methodologies to create sustainable systems for the future of humanity. Al is currently the Founder and CEO of 4iAfrica who provide communities with sustainable development solutions for the youth, water, renewable energies, education and agriculture sectors to governments within Southern Africa.
Steven Greidinger
Systems Architect
BSc, MA, MSc
Steven is using big data to reimagine how governance and economic systems can operate, HubTropolis will iterate and test these new paradigms at its innovation hubs. He has broad experience in formation and design of analytical systems using big data. He has worked on a number of projects involving the ethics of AI and technology within economic systems within multiple universities and organisations. Steven currently sits on the Board of Timely Data Science working with organisations to understand big data sets and implement appropriate and ethical strategies.
David Schultens
Dataflow Alchemist
David is a world class compression wizard who will create our vision of data-flowing free for all in HubTropolis. He has deep experience of the entertainment industry through its many format iterations and understands the fundamental role of efficiency in software design. He currently is the principal consultant at Open Video System LLC enabling innovative VR and bleeding edge media projects for clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony and Adobe. Prior to that he spent many years in the entertainment industry, pre-mastering over 3,500 DVD-video and Blu-ray Discs.
Abbas Jamie
Chief Futurist
BSc Eng
Abbas is responsible for ensuring that we create fertile ground for crazy ideas. We do this by blending creativity with our deep technical expertise to develop a highly innovative culture. He is a registered professional engineer and has spent his career across government and private sector as well as establishing a number of start-up businesses. In the private sector his experience spans from establishing his own engineering consulting business to working for a NYSE listed global engineering service provider. He is currently co-creating the future with the University of Cape Town, the Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works and the APRM at the African Union.
Anuraj Gambhir
Strategic Innovation Advisor & Exponential Visionary
BSc Engineering & eMBA
Anuraj is an internationally recognized Strategic Business/Start-up Advisor, Technology Visionary, Exponential Thought Leader and multi-award-winning Innovator. He has over 30 years of global experience across 5 continents and is a trans-disciplinary expert. His practical knowledge spans executive management, innovation, entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, exponential technologies, design thinking and holistic wellbeing. Key domains of focus include the future of Health/Wellness, Learning/Education, Media, Transportation, Telecom & Space as part of emerging Smart Cities/Communities.