Re-imagining urban development from first principles

HubTropolis moves beyond legacy city failures to provide sustainable abundance for all citizens.

The future of cities, starting today

The concept embraces the building of new urban development processes, methodologies and techniques based on the responsible usage of resources to build a condition of sustainable abundance both socially and environmentally.

All of these innovations are tested in our HubTropolis virtual reality simulation, then taken into the real world and prototyped at our innovation hubs being founded across the world. The Hubs will encourage unique applications of current technologies and development of new and innovative technologies.

View of a balcony
© Vincent Callebaut

We are creating Space for Humanity to not just survive but to Thrive.

Not just on Earth, but as Humanity reaches for the stars we will be there, using our innovative technologies to enable initial settlement on Mars and beyond.

It won't be easy, the existing legacy systems will try to stop progress, but we have a plan that has been confirmed in terms of engineering viability. We have a community willing to give everything to create a better Space. We have a process that blends VR with the real world to allow iteration of ideas to ensure success. We have the vision, we have the capability, join us and build the future!

View of a waterside
© Vincent Callebaut